Srivari Thulabharam in Tirumala is seva which is unique and can be performed by devotees inside the temple. The early history of Srivari Thulabharam dates back to the age of Sibi Chakravarthy, who weighs himself and offers all parts of his body to the lord. The Srivari Thulabharam in Tirumala means donating the things like rice, sugar, jaggery, Sugar candy and coins to the equal weigh of the person who wants to perform the Srivari Thulabharam

Tulabharam is a Hindu ritual that has been practised from Dwapara Yuga. Tulabharam means a person weighing himself or herself in a balance and pay in equal weight of gold, fruits or grains to God when one’s prayers are fulfilled.


The earliest reference to a Tulabharam comes from the Mahabharata, about the great emperor Sibi. He was so famous his name is found in ancient Tamil Sangam literature in four places and later in hundreds of places. He was even praised in Buddhist Jataka stories and Borobudur (Indonesia) sculptures. Emperor Sibi was a just king. Lord Indra and Agni wanted to test him and came in the form of an eagle and a dove.

When the dove came to Sibi for protection from the chasing eagle, Sibi was ready to offer anything to save the dove. The eagle asked him to give his flesh measure for measure. Sibi cut himself bit by bit but the pans in the balance were never equal. At last when he himself stood on the pan the Gods appeared in front of him and blessed him. The story is found in other Sanskrit works as well.”





  • There is no extra ticket or payment to perform Srivari Thulabharam

  • One can perform Srivari Thulabaram once they reach inside the temple premises with any ticket.

  • No Pre Booking or Online Booking is needed.




  • Available 24/7

  • No time restrictions

  • No separate entry

  • Those who are going through the darshan lines i.e what ever it may me be (300/- entry,free darshan or divya darshan) after entering the Mahadwaram i.e in Srivari Padikavali.


Note:Thulabaharam Items are coins, sugarcandy, jaggary, sugar, rice 

The procedure for the Srivari Thulabharam is made very simple. The objective of the Srivari Thulabharam is to donate some object as per the wish of the pilgrim which is equal to his weight. The object ranges from Rice, Jaggery, Sundar Candy and Coins. There is no Age limit for Srivari Thulabharam and anyone can perform the Srivari Thulabharam.


Whatever Darshan you have booked for, you can enter the que and once you reach inside the main temple you can see the weighing machines near Padi Kavali


Srivari Thulabharam & Niluvu Dopidi

Unline Srivari Thulabharam, Niluvu Dopidi is a procedure where the pilgrims actually donates in the Hundi whatever he has in hand and wearing including ornamanets.

Points to be noted before Srivari Thulabharam:

  • Pilgrims has to decide the material to be weighed before reaching the venue itself

  • No need to carry coins as TTD Provides the coins

  • All the materials will be donated to Temple in the name of the pilgrims once the weighing is done




1. How much do we have to pay for Thulabharam in Tirumala?

 No Prebooking or online booking for Thulabharam, Whatever Darshan you have booked for, you can enter the que and once you reach inside the main temple you can see the weighing machines near Padi Kavali,

2.Why is Thulabharam Done?

Thulabharam is offered seeking a relief from distress, for achieving a dream or deliverance from an ailment.

3. In which place Thulabharam is done in Tirumala?

The TTD has simplified the procedure of Thulabharam inside Srivari Temple and made it convenient for both the devotee and also for the Institution. ‘We had a tough task of handling tonnes of coins, hence the new procedure ‘says Nagender Rao, Thulabharam in-charge at Srivari Temple.

4. what is the meaning of tulabhara?

Tulabhara, also known as Tula-purusha (IAST: Tulāpuruṣa) or Tula-dana, is an ancient Hindu practice in which a person is weighed against a commodity (such as gold, grain, fruits or other objects), and the equivalent weight of that commodity is offered as donation.